What is Hybrid Cloud? Which businesses should deploy Hybrid Cloud?

What is Hybrid Cloud? Which businesses should deploy Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid clouds are considered the best cloud computing models to provide optimal cloud services. Not only helping to reduce investment costs and improve operational productivity, but Hybrid Cloud also possesses a series of combined advantages from two types of clouds, Private Cloud and Public Cloud. So what is Hybrid Cloud? Which businesses should deploy using Hybrid Cloud? Let’s find out with WeGoTT in the article below! 



What is Hybrid Cloud?


Hybrid Cloud Computing combines and surpasses Public Cloud and Private Cloud environments. Hybrid Cloud possesses the outstanding advantages of both cloud platforms that make up this environment, while limiting their disadvantages. If Public Cloud can scale and deploy quickly but security is not guaranteed, Private Cloud is internally managed, more secure but less scalable, then Hybrid Cloud is the combination.


It is this combination that makes Hybrid Cloud the ultimate cloud computing environment because it can flexibly meet the needs of your business, allowing your business to build a custom solution tailored to your needs.

Benefits of using Hybrid Cloud

High scalability

One of the outstanding advantages of Hybrid Cloud is its high scalability while ensuring data security and safety. This is the ideal combination of both public cloud and private cloud.


Properly deploying Hybrid Cloud will give your business the security it needs (a Private Cloud feature), while still being able to scale as demand increases.


Cost optimization


With the Hybrid Cloud cloud computing environment, your business will no longer have to spend money on system investment but only use it in times of high demand. Instead, you only need to pay for the resources that you are actually using or need to use more resources when you really need them. Therefore, Hybrid Cloud is a type of environment that helps you optimize costs.


Flexible activities

Hybrid Cloud gives your business the flexibility to meet the needs of certain circumstances. In addition, this type of cloud environment also helps improve operational productivity and reduce latency.


Applications in the Hybrid Cloud environment are capable of running on the Private Cloud, while still allowing you to quickly expand resources from the Public Cloud when demand increases. For example, some jobs that need to ensure information security can prioritize using Private Cloud, while for data such as images or videos with large files, you can use storage services. Public Cloud provider hosting at a lower cost.


Guaranteed safety and high reliability


Hybrid Cloud deploys applications and services in both on-premises and off-premises data centers. In addition, when you use this type of cloud computing environment, your important and confidential business data is stored in the Private Cloud, under the management of your business. So the possibility of information leakage or risks with data has been significantly reduced.

Which businesses should deploy Hybrid cloud?


One of the top questions businesses today is when to deploy Hybrid Cloud and which businesses should use this type of cloud. WeGoTT Cloud offers the following suggestions based on the characteristics of Hybrid Cloud:


    • Businesses want to optimize the cost of using the cloud, maintaining the value that Public Cloud and Private Cloud technologies can provide.

    • Enterprises that need to improve security, provide security in cloud environments, such as SaaS services, which must be delivered over secure private networks.

    • Enterprises with high demand for specific occasions, need to scale quickly and increase application flexibility.

    • Enterprises need to recover data after incidents or failures that force shutdowns of data centers.

WeGoTT’s Hybrid Cloud Service

Besides the outstanding benefits, the deployment process using Hybrid Cloud also has certain challenges. Many businesses face difficulties because of the lack of specialized human resources and resources to build and operate Hybrid Cloud. Therefore, businesses wishing to move all or part to the cloud often choose a reputable and experienced cloud infrastructure provider to support them in the transition.


WeGoTT as an Advanced Consulting Partner of Alibaba Cloud with a team of solution engineers certified by Alibaba, AWS,… and many big projects, WeGoTT will bring solutions. Reliable and efficient hybrid cloud for your business. The Hybrid Cloud service provided by WeGoTT is designed according to the requirements of each customer with quick and easy scale, which will give your business the most optimal cloud experience.


In addition to providing an integrated solution and ensuring benefits and security when deploying the Hybrid Cloud model, WeGoTT also provides infrastructure management services to optimize operations and costs for businesses. 24/7 system operation, as well as continuously receive improvement suggestions from the team of engineers from WeGoTT.