What is cloud storage? What benefits of cloud storage for business?

What is cloud storage? What benefits of cloud storage for business?

Cloud storage is currently the most popular form of online storage today thanks to its convenience and quick access.

This seemingly unfamiliar Cloud Storage is in fact closely associated with our daily lives with a rapid development rate.

However, it is not too late for you to learn about it. The following article WeGoTT will help you understand what this service is and how it has advantages and disadvantages.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is understood as a service where users can store, move, manage and share data quickly and easily. Through Web Online or applications on mobile phones and computers.

The condition to access and use data is that your device is connected to the Internet. The data here can be files, images, videos, documents, etc.

Thanks to the convenience, Cloud Storage is increasingly popular in the 4.0 technology era. In particular, cloud services have great advantages such as stable backup capabilities, easy data recovery, and large storage memory. Free to use on multiple platforms, making it easy to access storage anytime, anywhere.

So why do cloud storage services do this? Here are the pros and cons that make it so popular.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Storage for businesses

Advantages of cloud storage

  • Unlimited access to locations

From any location with an Internet connection, you can access data stored in the cloud. Therefore, the barriers of time zone and geographical location when operating are completely overcome.

  • Help save costs for businesses

Cloud Storage is especially suitable for small and medium businesses. Because you only need to spend a small fee to use the service. Or even without spending a dime if using free services. This helps businesses save costs for storing information remotely.

  • Easy scalability

Your business will only have to pay for the resources that you use. Once the business grows and wants to expand. Cloud Storage can respond immediately. You only need to pay a certain fee. To extend the capacity with the provider. Conversely, if there is a narrowing need, this cloud storage service will also meet that need quickly and easily.

  • Cloud Storage Speed

Tests have proven that the speed of cloud computing technology is faster than that of physical servers.

  • Long storage time

Unlike hardware devices, cloud storage will never go out of date. Cloud storage providers are constantly upgrading. Update the latest technologies to increase competitiveness. This is extremely beneficial for businesses.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

  • Privacy and security

Privacy is an issue that you need to be very mindful of when using Cloud Storage. The business is providing important information to a supplier (third party). And this can put the business at risk. Therefore, choosing a reputable, reliable service provider that is responsible for protecting business data is extremely necessary.

  • The data can be hacked

The data that you store in the cloud can be attacked by hackers from the outside. Sensitive business data can always be stolen because the Internet is not completely secure.

  • Complex data management

Managing data in Cloud Storage is quite complicated. And the storage management system of the enterprise does not always integrate well with the supplier’s system.

  • Regulations must be followed when using cloud storage

Businesses may not be able to use Public Cloud. Especially for the healthcare sectors, financial services and publicly traded companies… Depends on the level of regulation in the industry.

Although there are many downsides. But cloud storage is still worth using because of its cost advantages. Accessibility, easy scalability, and troubleshooting….

Is cloud storage safe?

Surely there will be many people wondering about data security when using this service.

Sử dụng các thuật toán để đảm bảo an toàn cho dữ liệu người dùng.

Use algorithms to ensure the safety of user data.

Often vendors will use security algorithms. To ensure that personal and business data is always safe and available. Those algorithms are:

  • Encryption algorithm: Use complex combinations of algorithms to encrypt information. Users will need an encryption “key” to decrypt these encrypted files. Although Cracking of encrypted information can happen. But most Hackers can’t access it. Into the resources needed to decode the information.
  • Authentication Algorithm: Authentication process, requires the creation of a username and password.
  • Authorization practices algorithm: Authorization protocol – client. Lists who are authorized to access information stored in the cloud system. Corporations almost all have multiple levels of authorization. For example, the head of an organization or business has broad access to files. But with low-level employees. Only access to data stored on the cloud system is very limited.

What are the benefits of cloud storage for businesses?

  • Automation

With the cloud, the tedious task of backing up data is simplified through automation. Just choose what data to back up and how often and when to back up, and Cloud storage will take care of the rest.

  • Synchronize

When using storage on a physical server, you can only access data from a certain location. By using cloud storage services, data can be accessed from all devices such as PC or smartphone. You can access files and synchronize data easily with any device through an Internet connection.

So you don’t have to worry about manual and complicated transferring of documents from one device to another. In addition, files stored in the cloud remain the same across all devices and they will automatically update if there are any changes.

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Businesses are more efficient with cloud storage services

  • High security

Data stored in the cloud is protected against hardware failure. Cloud storage services also offer backup capabilities to keep your data safe.

  • Ability of extension

Cloud storage allows for both horizontal and vertical scalability. You only need to pay for the resources used. You can scale your hosting environment whenever the need arises, defining the properties and configuration of the cloud as desired.

This ensures large storage space with great flexibility.

  • Easy information management

By using the management feature of the cloud storage service. Enterprises can easily perform information management tasks such as: decentralization, member administration, internal and personal data sharing.

  • Usability and accessibility

Users can easily drag and drop files in cloud storage. It’s easy to save all your files and data in the cloud without the need for highly technical knowledge. Stored files can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks and an Internet connection.

  • Auto Backup

The birth of Cloud Storage solved one of the big data problems, which is the ability to automatically backup. Manual data migration from one hard drive to another. Taking a lot of time and effort will no longer be a concern for many people.

With this service, data is always backed up on online accounts automatically. In particular, in case the backup process fails due to power failure or other reasons, when the machine is restarted, this process will continue to be performed.

  • Cloud storage for quick data recovery

In the past, many people faced trouble when important data was lost, could not be restored in case the device was damaged, broken, or lost.

However, this is not a big problem now because Cloud Storage will help you recover data quickly and easily. You can access data in the cloud at any time as long as you have an Internet connection. This helps users to be more proactive and flexible in their work.

  • Fast and easy data sharing with cloud storage

One of the problems that all personal or business users face. That’s a growing volume of storage over time, especially for businesses. 

Therefore, they need a storage solution that ensures stability. Ready but the cost is reasonable, not too high. Cloud Storage will be the solution they need now. An important thing that cannot be ignored is moving a large amount of data to the cloud. Can cause business owners concerns about time and security. However, this problem can be solved with high-bandwidth, safe, secure cloud transfer services.

The development of technology and application of technology is the current inevitable trend. Therefore, grasp the modern technologies and applications. It will definitely bring you many benefits. With the storage benefits of Cloud Storage as well, it offers big benefits. If you know how to use it carefully and exactly with your needs. Therefore, using this service as soon as possible will help your business develop more smoothly.